Colds suck

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Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. I’ve been sick with that gnarly cold going around. Anyways I have class in an hour so I’m going to keep to short and sweet. Here are some photos from last weekend and this weekend. Enjoy.

Andrew Crawford
Andrew Crawford, Pop shov

Andrew being all steezy and stuff

Isaiah was trying to kill me or my camera last weekend

Isaiah Johnson, Switch frontside flip.

I’m going to Los Angeles and Huntington Beach in two weeks for spring break with Matty B, Andrew, Paige, and this kid Anthony. Pretty stoked for another trip out to California.

Some photos

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Last Tuesday I went out skating with Isaiah, Justice, Miles and some other people and shot some photos. I shot a bunch but I’m only going to post two. I’m sure ill post the other ones sooner or later.

Miles Canevello
Miles Canevello, front smith

Isaiah Johnson, tre flip.

Sorry for the fisheye overload recently haha.

Miles shreds

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Yesterday I went out skating with Justice and his friends from Chicago. Shot a couple photos check em out.

Miles Canevello, Nosegrind.
Miles shreds so hard, this was 2nd try.

Miles Canevello
Miles again, front crook.

Weekend stuff

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Finally got a chance to get out and skate all weekend. Since the beginning of winter break i’ve been busy with trips to Los Angeles, working, and other things. Not to mention it rained a lot too. I shot a bunch of photos this weekend but only from two different spots so ill just post two. I’ll eventually post the other ones when I get around to it. In other news, I’m most likely moving out to Los Angeles or Santa Barbara, California once I decide what school I’m going to in August, I’m really excited.

Andrew Crawford
Andrew Crawford
Half cab heel Hindu 3 flat 4

Isaiah Johnson
Switch frontside flip Camelback 11


Monday night

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Tonight I went skating in Tempe with Isaiah, Justice, Nick and Mark. We lit up Tile Gap and Aspire. Finally got to shoot a photo. Pretty good night. Going to Tucson this week, should get some photos.

Isaiah Johnson
Isaiah Johnson, Hardflip

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